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  • Which van should you choose? PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING
    Picking the right van depends on your skills as a driver. We offer automatic vans, 4- gear manual vans and 5-gear manual vans. Automatic van: Most easy to drive, and reduces risk of mechanical issues, as it is impossible to break the clutch. Choose this type if you cant drive manual, or if you can drive manual, but do not have experience driving manual and an older car. If not automatic van, then 4 gear manual or 5 gear manual? : - If you have little experience driving manual vans and older cars, then try to avoid the 5-gear manual if possible. The 5 gears are harder to drive, and puts more responsibility on you to handle driving it. But if you have good experience and feel comfortable with manual gearing, then you will be fine with the 5-gear. The 4 gear manuals are easier to drive, so if you dont book an automatic van, and is unsure about your manual skills, then book a 4-gear van. We do give instructions on driving all types of vans when you check in, so we will give you an instruction on how to drive the manual 5 and 4 gear, and also will send you on a test drive when you arrive, to make you more comfortable before you start your trip. ask us in the chat if you are unsure about which type to choose.
  • Insurance and tolls
    Choose between our 3 insurance packages, (the basic package is included in the rental price) (our other packages can be booked and paid for at check-in and is not included in the booking fee. The package is possible to change at check in if you want another insurance package) BASIC package (included in your rental): 15 000,- NOK self-risk fee, security deposit; 15 000,- NOK OOPS package; 10 000,- NOK self-risk fee, 190 NOK pr day. security deposit; 10 000,- NOK WELL, WELL I DON'T CARE package; 0,- NOK self-risk fee, 290 NOK pr day. Security deposit; 5000,- If you are under 23, the minimum self risk fee is 15 000,- unless you book and of the other packages that are not the basic package. *The return of your security deposit can take up to 6 weeks. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this, as it is a processing period set by the respective credit institutions, and we ask for your patience. *Damage resulting from vandalism, use of force or incorrect operation (e.g. wrong fueling), in particular damage to the pop-up roof is not limited by the security deposit. the costs of repairing such damage must be borne in full by the person renting the vehicle. *Forgetting to refuel before check-in, breaking equipment in the van, lost items, or late returns will all be deducted from the security deposit. *If a damage occurs while you are renting the van, your deposit will be witheld until the damage has been looked at at a repair shop and we know the cost of the repair. If the repair exceeds your self risk fee, you will not be deducted more than the security deposit. There are no tolls in Lofoten.
  • How to travel to Lofoten and how to get to our office
    Here we will help you with details on how to get to Lofoten and to us here in Svolvær. (read about bus options at the bottom, and boat access further down) Our address is Vorsetøyveien 20, 8300 Svolvær. Flight options: Easiest and fastes way is to fly to Svolvær airport (SVJ) you can catch a direct flight from Oslo (OSL) to Svolvær or fly to Bodø (BOO) and then to Svolvær - these flights are usually the most expensive, and are operated by Second best option is flying to Leknes (LKN), 1 hour away from us by bus or car. You can reach Leknes directly from Oslo or via Bodø with Third alternative (THIS IS USUALLY THE CHEAPEST OPTION) is a flight to Evenes (EVE). Evenes is reachable from Oslo, Stockholm (ARN) and many other desinations, and has many airlines porting, so usually many options and the cheapest options. From Evenes you can catch a 3 hour bus to Lofoten and Svolvær. Airlines flying to Evenes are: Fourth alternativ is a flight to Tromsø (TOS) but this is a complicated commute to Lofoten, and takes about 6-7 hours by bus, including changing busses a few times. Schedule from Tromsø to Lofoten can be checked here: Boat connections: Here are 3 options getting to Lofoten by boat: Best option: Flying to Bodø and catching "hurtigbåten" from Bodø to Svolvær. Takes about 3,5 hours. You can check the schedules here: Option 2: Hurtigruten which departs from all major harbours in Norway and ports in Svolvær. Check the schedules here: Option 3: The ferry from Bodø to Moskenes, followed by a busride from Moskenes to Svolvær. Check the schedules here: Bus connections: - there are 2 options going to and from Evenes 1: The airport bus (this is the best option) The airport bus corresponds with most flights into Evenes, and takes you directly to Svolvær, and only a 5 minute walk from the bus station to our office. The schedule can be checked here: 2. The local bus also takes you to and from the airport, but takes a little longer. You can check the schedule here: or *If the information above is incorrect or is difficult to understand or work with, please let us know, and we can be helpful in planning your travel to Lofoten - we try to update this information as often as we can.
  • Driving our vans outside of Lofoten
    It is NOT allowed to drive outside the Lofoten Islands,- this has to do with deals that we have with local mechanics in Lofoten, making it easy for us to give you assistance should anything happen to the van. If you drive outside of Lofoten without permission, then you will risk paying the transportation of the van back to Lofoten should anything happen, - up to 20 000 NOK.
  • Can´t find the dates you are looking for?
    If the dates you are looking for are not available, then write us a message in the chat, and we can give you alternative dates that might fit your schedule. Or we can have other solutions with other vans. July usually fills up first, and by March/Arpil is usually fully booked. Our automatic vans usually books up first, so be early if you wish to book in July and or drive an automatic van.
  • What kind of license do you need, and how old do you have to be to drive our vans"
    You must be 18 years of age and have a valid driverslicence to drive our vans. - If you have a licence for only automatic transmission, then you must rent a van with automatic transmission - It does not matter how long you have had your licence, you can rent a van from us as long as you have a license. - We will take a picture of your licence when you arrive for control, and record keeping.
  • Where to park and camp
    In Lofoten you are free to park almost anywhere you like, just not to close to private properties. (150 meters from private properties) There are many campsites to choose from, and we have a detailed map in each van, pointing out the different camps in Lofoten. We recommend downloading the app "park4night" - an app that will show all the campsites, parkingspots and unique places to park and camp in Lofoten. Download here: iOS: Some camps have electricity. They usually charge a small amount for camping, electricity, showers and toilet. Prices are usually between 200 - 350 NOK pr night, but this varies.
  • Checking in later or earlier than 15:00 and/or checking out before 12:00
    If you are arriving later than check in hours (15:00, 3pm) then that is no problem, but you must let us know the day in advance of your arrival, what time you are arriving and by what transportation. If you want to check in before 15:00, then check with us the day before, as it depends on when previous guests return the van. Checking out before 12:00 / 12pm is no problem. We have a keydrop outside our office, so you are free to check out any time you wish (before 12:00/12pm), - you park the van at our designated parking area and leave the key in the keydrop box by our office door. Check out later than 12:00 (noon) might be possible, just ask us and we will sort it out if possible.
  • What is included in the rental and inside the van
    Our goal is that you should only need to bring clothes when renting from us, so we have made sure the following equipment can be found in all our vans; - Camping gear: chairs, table, portable gas-grill, pans, pots etc - All the kitchen supplies you need for camping; plates, cups, cutlery, bowles, water boiler, french press coffeecan - ECOFlow 600, super batterycharger (powerbank), we have made the big investment of buying these batteries, because we know how important it is to have your devices charged when travelling, and so now you find an ECOFlow in all our vans. - more than 200 000mAh provided from one charge. These can also be charged during your stay at any camp site. - JBL Flip Bluetooth speaker - we have put this speaker in all our vans, because some good music or a good podcast can be a really important part of your trip! - Wool blanket for those chilly Lofoten evenings - Pillows and duvets (bring your own sheets or rent from us) - Cardgames and or yatzy - Electric cooler or refrigerator, depending on which van you rent, - but all our vans have cooling options when you are connected to electricity - First aid kit - handheld flashlight, and batterydriven flashlights (only available when it is dark Sept - May) - cleaning supplies, brush, soap, dishwasher fluid
  • Booking, payment, cancellations and deposit"
    The minimum booking days is 3. The entire booking amount is charged when you book, but you can cancel up to 30 days before arrival for a full refund (minus the booking fee: 2,4% for European cards, 2.9% for non-European cards) Within 30 days of your booking we can not refund any of the booking amount. Exeptions regarding cancellations: We hold the right to reference to force majeure: Events beyond the company's control - all external elements that effect you as a customer, and not us as a business. - If this comes into play, we are still comitted to fullfilling your booking at a later time, when force majeure does not apply anymore. The total booking fee includes a 25% tax fee - this fee is included before confirming the booking. Insurance: Self-risk fee is 5000,- NOK and a fee of 5000,- NOK will be withdrawn upon arrival and refunded at departure. We can then charge you a maximum of 5000,- NOK if damages passes this amount. (in case of an accident or damage to the vehicle or the interior, the fee will be witheld until the final report and damage control is done) We accept: Cash, VIPPS, VISA, VISA Electron, mastercard, Maestro, AMEX Refunds can take between 5 - 20 days to appear on your banking statement, depending on your bank and holidays etc
  • PLEASE READ: What happens if your van breaks down and/or is not available when you arrive
    If we are having problems with the van you have booked when you arrive and can not give you the van you rented, we will give you another van we have available. We only have a few vans, so we cant promise a van in the same style or color that your first chose. We have 2 backup vans that are just for this purpose, and our mechanic is on standby, so we are well prepared for any problems that might occur, and we are usually able to fix any problem pretty quick. We will usually inform you of any issues before you arrive, and include you in a dialog of solutions. If a van breaks down while you are driving it, we will first try to fix the problem at the sight of the breakdown, - if that cant be done we will bring the van to our mechanic and have it fixed there. Our aim is always to fix the problem as quickly as we can, as we know this will disrupt your holiday, but you might be required to go with the van to our workshop while we fix it, and you might have to wait some time for the road assistance to arrive. Regarding refunds if a breakdown occurs: If the van breaks down, we refund the hours from when the van breaks down and until we have solved the situation. By this we mean the time it takes for us to fix the van, give you a new van or have solved new accommodation and rental car.
  • Pick up, drop offs, and late returns"
    Pick up and drop off is in Svolvær at Vorsetøyveien 18, just next to the Police station, across the road. - Look for our sign by the road, our office is just to the right of it. Pick up and drop of is only possible at our location in Svolvær. Pick up/ check in, is after 15:00 (3:00 ) and drop off before 12:00 (noon) - unless other times are agreed. We are flexible with late check ins. Questions on earlier or later check in/out is not possible to answer until the day before your check in/out as it depends on what time previous and future renters arrive. Important!: Not agreed late returns will result in a penalty of 1000,- NOK pr hour the van is late.
  • Renting our vans from other locations
    We unfortunately do not rent out from other locations than Svolvær. Plus our vans are not allowed to drive outside the Lofoten Islands, and so we are centered in the middle of Lofoten, Svolvær - to make it easier for you to reach us. Read the «how to get to us» thread for tips on how to get to us the easiest and cheapest way.
  • How many kilometers/miles are included in the rental
    You have unlimited mileage when renting a van from us, but you are restricted to driving only within the Lofoten islands.
  • Showers and toilets
    Luckily Lofoten is a small place, so a toilet and a shower is always near by - most campsites in Lofoten offer this, and the local government has also installed toilets in several places along the road in Lofoten, so one is usually only 10-15 minutes away. You can use gas stations, cafes or any tourist office for toilets. Showers you find at most camps and public bathrooms. - People are usually very friendly, so you might even end up sitting on a toilet in someones private home. - you are handed a map upon arrival pointing out camp sites, toilets, showers and gas stations.
  • Water and food
    You can refill water at all gas stations as well as the camps around Lofoten and public restrooms, - and is never a problem getting. Lofoten has the BEST water! Super fresh, cold and super clean. Shops you will find in every small town you pass, never more than 15 - 20 minutes away. Some cheaper than others. In Leknes and Svolvær you can even get fresh bread from one of the bakeries.
  • How many people can sleep in the vans
    All our vans are different, so check out the "book our vans" page for more info on bedspace regarding each van. Check this before booking. We can often offer a solution with a combination of van and tent, so that you can travel up to 5 people together. Ask us about this in the chat.
  • Heat inside the vans
    All our vans need to be connected to electricity to have the heating fan work when the engine is turned off. When driving, the van produces heat through the aircon system. In the summers, extra heat is usually not needed, but we recommend you park at camps that offer electricity, should it be needed. All camps in Lofoten offer electricity.
  • Fuel and gas-stations
    Our vans are delivered with a full tank of gas, that is not included in the rental, so you must return the van full, or we will charge you 20% extra on the amount you used. - prices vary at different petrol stations Fuel stations can usually be found not much further than 30-40 minutes apart, but usually much closer. We always recommend you plan refueling before leaving an area. Google will easily guide you to the closest one.
  • What you need to pack with you and bring
    We recommend you pack clothes for all types of weather. The weather in Lofoten can change within hours, so you need to be prepared. - We also recommend you pack in bags, as they are easier to adapt to the storage space inside these small vans. Suitcases will take up a lot of space! - We also offer luggage storage at our office for the duration of your trip, if you wish to unpack in the van and leave your empty luggage behind to save space. What is NOT included in the rental: - Soap, conditioner, shampoo - Towels - Food - water/drinks (you get a full 20 litre watertank when you check in, that can be refilled anywhere) - Sheets (unless you rent from us) To bring: - Sleep mask, as the sun is up 24hours in the summer, and our curtains are not light dense, but only block out about 50-60% of the light. - Clothes and shoes for all types of weather - first aid kit, for hiking etc (there is one in all our vans, but they are big, and not for bringing on hikes)
  • Animals in the vans
    You can bring an animal in all our vans, but you need to pay a rinse fee of 650,- NOK (one time fee). This fee can be added at the end of your booking, under "add extra options", and must be added before booking.
  • What time of year should you visit Lofoten
    Lofoten can be beautiful all year around, the winter brings beautiful northern lights, snow and fantastic skiing conditions, but if you are looking for a summer experience, stable weather and nice temperatures, then we recommend visiting Lofoten between mid May and mid September. May and June is beautiful, the midnights sun is up, but can also be abit rainy and windy. Starting September and out, the northern lights can appear, but is most likely to be seen from November till February/March. Warmest months are June, July and August.
  • When should I book?
    Our summer calendar starts to fill up in January/February, so the earlier you book, the better the chance of getting the van you want, and the dates you want. You can always book, and cancel up to 14/30 days before arrival. (read more about cancellations in the thread about bookings and cancellations)
  • Bringing your own car, where can you park it"
    We have a parkinglot where you can park your car for the whole period you rent a van. The parking is free. Our parking spots are marked by Lofoten Vanlife signs, and these are the only spots that must be used when returning the van.
  • If you are displeased with the van you have rented
    If the van you have rented is not up to the standard you expected, then we must be informed as soon as possible. This can include cleanliness, parts or equipment that does not work, car problems, and or damages. We must be informed immediately when and if you discover an issue, - if we are not informed before the end of your rental, we will not give a refund or be able to solve the issue during your stay.
  • Feedback from YOU!
    Lofoten Vanlife is a small business with only 2 employees, and though we try our best to make our vans the best product for you, we might not always succeed in your eyes - thats why your feedback after a rental with us is very important for us, as it will help us improve, - SO please give us some feedback regarding the van you have rented after you return it 😇 You cam type it in the chat, or send us an email on;
  • Whale watching in Andenes
    Alot of people ask us about whale whatching trips to Andenes, and as Andenes is outside the Lofoten area, it is not allowed to go there with our vans. The best solution if you wish to visit Andenes, is to park the van at our location and rent a car. Other options is of course renting a car and doing the Andenes trip before or after your rental with us. Car rentals in Svolvær: Lofoten Bil (10 % discount) Avis (no discount) Hertz (no discount) Eurocar (no discount)
  • Electricity inside the van
    All our vans are equipped withthe very powerful ECOFlow 600 powerbattery - giving you about 80 iPhone charges. Also charges computers, cameras etc - can also run devices like waterboiler, heat fan and bigger devices for a short period of time. When you are parked at a campsite, or a site with electricity you will have external unlimited electricity inside the van.
  • Children and children Seats for our vans
    We offer childseats for all ages in our vans. Different types depending on the age of the child, but be aware that our vans are 40 years old, and therefore follows safety conditions from that time - meaning if you have a baby 0 to 5 years old, the child will be seated in a childseat in the front passenger seat facing forward, not backwards. This is the standard used in these vans. If any other setup is needed, then you will need to bring a seat of your own. if any questions regarding this, then please write us a message in the chat or give us a call. Pictured below Are the type of seats we offer.
  • Hiking in Lofoten
    Hiking in Lofoten is maybe the main reason why people visit our beautiful islands. We are very focused on our guests having the best and safest experience possible when hiking; so we have listed a few apps we recommend you download before arriving; Fatmap: Find the perfect route, plan like a pro with the world's most advanced 3D outdoor map and record your adventures and share them with the community.Whether skiing, ski touring, freeriding, hiking, biking or running, if you love mountain adventure, you'll find your community on FATMAP. Android: iOS: UT; - webpage overlisting most hikes in Lofoten, with detailed route descriptions. Android: iOS: PEAKBOOK: The Peakbook App is a very handy tool enabling you to register your tours, ascents and other visits as well as being a fully functional navigation device with gps and maps. With the App your tours are instantly available on Peakbook, long before you reach home. Your tours can already be fitted with text and images from your device while on tour. No need to turn on your computer to register unless you want to refine your tours via the website, which of course is possible. Android: iOS: - We do also recommend you download the app "Hjelp113" - an app that pinpoints your location and gives you your exact coordinates, should you need emergency assistance while hiking, or in other emergency situations
  • Rental in other parts of Norway
    (for now) We only rent out vans in Lofoten - but we have some wonderful companies that we can recommend; For Tromsø, check out For sout of Norway;
  • Winter rentals  (October 10. - May 20.)
    Our main season ends on October 20th 2022, and we open again on May 19th, 2023 - but we have 2 winterready vans, Tor and Willy who are both equipped with a diesel heater, giving you heat inside the van at all times, and makes it possible to camp anywhere without electricity. Both vans are equipped with batteries, giving you electricity for charging etc. Our gas grills also lets you cook anywhere, without the need for electricity. Both cars also comes with isolation to put on the windows, which helps you keep the cold out. Ask us in the chat if you have more questions regarding winter rental.
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